27th June 2020
Virtual Celebrations


28th June 2020
Virtual Celebrations

The Kilflynn Fairy Council have again teamed up with the local Fairies, Elves and magical characters to bring this festival to life for children and families.

The Fairies, Elves and magical people were so happy that last year when over 7,000 adults & children came to visit them and play that they insisted the 10,002 year old map which shows where the fairy houses are located be re-released from the enchanted treasure chest.

On Saturday a magical parade will take place at 7.30pm, with street entertainers and the wonderful Kilflynn fairies, along with other over 70 magical faces, knights and wizards.

At the end of the parade, the largest elf in the world alongside the fairies and town crier will use magic to open the sealed treasure chest. Once the map is revealed the elves and fairies will work through the night to print lots of maps for the visitors coming the following day to join in the magic setting of the meadow and fairy trail.

Sunday, is from 11am to 5pm, and a day of great excitement and fun is guaranteed for all full of creative, magical and enchanting activities for all the family to take part in and visitors can get the 10,002 year old fairy map to find the little houses that can only be seen by the strong believers in fairies, elves and magical people.

Along with the Fairy Trail visitors can take part in free creative workshops and play in the meadow which is full of entertainer’s, characters, story tellers, music and surprises around every corner. The Fairy Council hope to see you and your little people there on the day when the whole village becomes alive to celebrate family life, dreams and memories. Picnic areas are available in the meadow and along the fairy trail. There will also be a local food and craft fair throughout the day catering for older believer.

Adults €5.00 – Children €4.00