Thousands of years ago, just as men and women were emerging out of the ice age and beginning to form early civilisations, where communities lived together and farmed the land. The ancient wise wizards of the time decided to share their knowledge with all of mankind because they knew their time on earth was coming to an end; they did this by creating stone circles, ancient scripts and maps for mankind.
To deliver these scripts and maps the ancient wise wizards travelled far and wide throughout the world on Irish elk their loyal companions. They wanted to do this to teach mankind the ways of loving nature and creativity. Fairies rode on the antlers of the Irish elk and kept the wizards company telling stories and jokes. The wizards explained to the fairies that they needed to remain on earth to watch over mankind, but they needed to stay hidden until such a time that mankind needed the fairies to remind them of the ancient customs of respect and love for nature and creativity.

It came to pass that on his way to Ireland the last remaining wizard decided that Ireland was the place he wanted to be laid to rest so he laid down on the ground his loyal elks next to him and he peacefully went to sleep. The loyal elks decided that they could no longer remain on earth without their masters and their species became extinct.

The fairies of Kilflynn hid the map of the ancient wizards. The fairies have been watching over mankind for thousands of years. In their daily work the fairies have realised that there are less and less children playing outside. The fairy community sent two of their most skilled fairies to investigate what has happened, the fairies travelled all over Kerry.

The fairies discovered that many children had stopped playing in the gardens and replaced it with new technologies and that children had forgotten how to explore nature and use their imaginations.
The fairy community became very concerned and wondered if now was the time that the wizards had spoken of those thousands of years ago, a time when mankind would forget the ways of the ancient wizards. The fairies came together and decided to take a vote. The fairies voted to unleash the ancient map to encourage the children to reconnect with nature and their imaginations. The great news spread among the Kilflynn people who decided to join forces with the enchanted people to celebrate the unveiling of the map. The community came together to help the enchanted people prepare for the magical event. From that day forth, Kilflynn embraced the magic of the fairies to brighten the life’s of children all over Ireland.


Kilflynn Enchanted CLG T/A Kilflynn Enchanted Fairy Festival – Registered in Ireland no. 583609

Registered office: Crotta, Kilflynn, Tralee, Co. Kerry.